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21 January 2022: Number of suppliers using supply chain finance services has doubled since 2018 and survey of more than 4,500 chief executives reveals that only a minority have been involved in net-zero targets for their organisation

 The number of suppliers taking monthly early payments using supply chain finance (SCF) services has doubled since 2018, according to research.

The number of construction firms going bust has increased by almost 80% as the sector is buffeted by supply difficulties.

Asian apparel manufacturers will have to prepare to accept smaller orders in 2022 as they attempt to boost supply chain traceability

Local authorities aiming for a digital transformation need to define their purchasing strategy, according to a newly published guide.

A survey of more than 4,500 chief executives has found that only the minority has overseen the creation of a net-zero target for their organisation,

CDP has published the results of a campaign whereby 168 investors pushed companies to disclose more environmental information, revealing success with big names including Amazon, Facebook and Twitter.

HSBC has confirmed that a £500m fund to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) improve on sustainability that was first discussed at COP26 has officially launched today

The Government has laid out new steps to develop a UK-wide tracking system for waste in a bid to improve resource efficiency through powers introduced in the Environment Bill.


14 January 2022: Brexit has caused the death of ‘just in time’ supply chain models and every major sector in the UK will need to close skills gap to reach net-zero emissions

 Brexit has caused the death of ‘just in time’ supply chain models with British manufacturers aiming to become more resilient in the future according to a new report

Data-powered technologies, accelerated digitalisation and the evolution of supply chains have ‘significantly elevated’ the role of procurement professionals, according to a report

In order to meet stakeholder expectations, companies should be designing and implementing policies to identify and mitigate adverse human rights and environmental impacts in their supply chains

The UK is facing a ‘race for space’ with just 18.1m sq ft left of space in large warehouses – defined as 100,000 sq ft or more – the lowest level of available warehousing ever recorded

Every major sector in the UK will need to ‘close a significant skills gap’ in order to reach net-zero emissions, according to a new Green Alliance report

The current cost-of-living crisis is the most immediate threat to the UK’s delivery of its long-term climate targets, according to a new policy briefing

HS2 developers claim it will use zero-carbon electricity from day one but critics say they are overstating its contribution to the UK’s net-zero transition

A survey of more than 1,800 UK-based science academics has found that most do not think curriculums are good enough to support students into further study or related careers in the green economy


10 January 2022: Early signs that shortages in manufacturing supply chains are easing and a look ahead to key trends in sustainability in 2022

Manufacturing supply chains remain ‘severely stretched’ but there are signs the situation is stabilising, according to the latest PMI

Key procurement trends for 2022 include prioritising risk management, visibility in supply chains and investing in IT solutions

Retailers such as Next and Ikea are anticipating price rises this year due to rising costs and increasing global freight rates

The port of Felixstowe will apply digital technologies such as machine learning and optimisation techniques to build predictive models for container flows around the port

The next-generation key trends in sustainability will include Covid-safe sustainable workplaces and the use of digital technology to empower ethical consumption

The emissions of five major economies over a 40-year period look set to double the number of nations that will experience ‘extreme hot years’, new research warns

Regulation governing insurance companies needs reforming to secure multi-billion-pound investments crucial to meeting the UK’s climate environmental goals

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published a new analysis revealing that coal power generation did not decrease as much as anticipated in 2021 and is rebounding rapidly









































































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