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19 October 2020: Siemens’ digital technology enables customers to automatically order new products and some of the UK’s largest retailers combine forces to combat food waste

Siemens is using digital twins technology in its supply chain enabling customers to automatically order new products

The top areas of complaint about public procurement from suppliers in 2019-20 were late payments and advertising of contracts, a report has found

Government procurement practices have been branded a ‘real cause for concern’ as £3bn worth of pandemic-related contracts have not been made public

A ‘secret’ meeting was held between Grenfell Tower’s landlord and a potential contractor to discuss cost cutting despite being warned it would break procurement rules, an inquiry has heard

Some of the UK’s largest retailers and food manufacturers, including Unilever and M&S, are collaborating to deliver a new network of ‘food waste champions’ to help reduce food waste

As part of its net-zero commitment, Sainsbury’s has purchased 1,200 lithium-ion trucks powered by kinetic energy, in a move that will save energy equivalent to powering 700 UK homes.

The UK Government’s direct lending facility could support more than 40,000 jobs in the renewables sector annually by 2035

Electrolux has unveiled a new vacuum cleaner made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics and reused materials

12 October 2020: Shift to new automated warehouse causes supply delays for Roche and offshore wind farms set to power all UK homes with electricity in 10 years

A shift to a new automated warehouse by pharmaceutical firm Roche has caused delays in the supply of medical products to the NHS including Covid tests

Under a supply chain simplification plan, Mars is partnering with a smaller cohort of suppliers and reducing the number of mills it works with by 2021

More than a third of Chief Procurement Officers believe the function is perceived as ‘disorganised and unprepared’ following the pandemic, according to a new survey

Audio company Bose claims that the Japanese earthquake gave it the resilience it needed to cope with the pandemic

All of the UK’s ‘big seven’ supermarkets and a group of key food manufacturers have urged Defra to bolster its proposed legislation for tackling deforestation in supply chains

Boris Johnson has plans for every home in the UK to be powered with electricity from offshore wind farms within 10 years and has unveiled a £160m pot to support the sector

Real-world trials of the world’s first hydrogen-powered double-decker bus have officially begun in Aberdeen – 5 years after the city unveiled a hydrogen production and bus refuelling facility.

H&M has installed a machine which disassembles old clothing and re-assembles the material into new textiles in one of its stores, in a first for the fashion industry


2ndOctober 2020: Companies need to redesign the management of materials to improve supply chain resilience and NHS announces its intention to reach net-zero

Companies need to redesign the management of materials to improve supply chain resilience according to a top supply chain company

The National Audit Office (NAO)  claims that the UK government prioritised speed over cost when it procured ventilators in response to Covid

Suppliers’ commitments to diversity, inclusion and the environment will count for 20% of their evaluation criteria when they ender for new work, Vodafone has announced

The pandemic has highlighted many vulnerabilities across supply chains and this has implications for the future according to Delaware UK

NHS England has signalled its intention to reach net-zero emissions through a plethora of new initiatives including a £50m LED lighting upgrade

Tesco has become the first UK retailer to set public sales targets for plant-based meat alternatives, pledging to increase sales of those products by 300% by 2025

Boris Johnson has confirmed that the UK will sign an international commitment binding nations to protect 30% of their land-based habitats

Single-use plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds will be banned from sale and distribution in England from Thursday 1October









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