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7 August 2020: Almost half of firms in new survey have taken no action to build supply chain resilience and the Government’s energy saving tax break scheme is set to be extended

Almost half of firms surveyed for a new report by manufacturing network 3D Hub have taken no action to build supply chain resilience over the past 10 years

Cabinet Office procurement experts have outlined the steps being taken to build a new supply chain for face coverings in the UK

A BSI report has highlighted the risks of a second wave of supply chain disruptions owing to cargo theft, migration and child labour

Suppliers to the food service and hospitality sector may take over a year to recover from lockdown according to MPs

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is extending its Climate Change Agreement (CCA) tax break scheme for businesses by two years

The proportion of UK adults regularly purchasing plastic bottled water almost halved during lockdown, new research from YouGov has found

The Government’s proposals to streamline planning to develop ‘zero-carbon ready’ homes have been met with a wave of protest from environmental groups

Dutch airline KLM has been ordered to change one of its advertising campaigns after it was found to have over-emphasised the firm’s use of biofuel


31 July 2020: Ofgem takes steps to prevent middlemen profiteering from energy prices and LandSec launches UK’s first net-zero commercial building

 UK energy regulator Ofgem has proposed a package of regulations to prevent middlemen racking up huge fees from microbusinesses buying energy

MPs have called on the government to investigate the benefits of ‘parallel supply chains’ for medicines and essential goods ahead of a possible second wave of coronavirus

A study by a University in St Louis in the US found that personal connections increased the likelihood a buyer would select a supplier by 60%

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of protecting the rights of essential workers throughout the supply chain, according to the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)

Property developer Landsec has revealed that it is progressing plans for what it hopes will be the UK’s first net-zero commercial building

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has launched a £2bn package aimed at incentivising walking and cycling as the UK lockdown eases

Retail giant John Lewis Partnership has built on a pledge to phase-out petrol and diesel vehicles from the entirety of its fleet within a decade with a sizeable electric van order

Primark has installed take-back boxes for clothing, textiles, footwear and bags in all 190 of its UK stores, in a bid to reduce the amount of these items sent to landfill


24 July 2020: 60% of UK businesses have lowered investment in sustainability initiatives and onshore wind and power could boost the economy by £29bn

Six-in-ten UK businesses have lowered investment in sustainability initiatives following the Covid-19 outbreak, according to new research

Women make up 17% of chief supply chain officers, an increase of six percentage points compared to 2019, according to a survey

Only 10% of companies are building resilient customer-centric supply chains that will enable growth post Covid-19, according to research

A report on the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak has highlighted their failure to stock up on PPE despite predictions of a pandemic

Onshore wind and solar power could boost the UK economy by £29bn according to a renewable energy investment firm

Diageo has unveiled the world’s first plastic-free, paper-based spirits bottle, which will debut on the company’s Johnnie Walker range of Scotch Whisky early next year

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure is becoming a crucial aspect of corporate transparency

Apple has announced major plans to become net-zero on its emissions across its business, supply chains and products by 2030





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